Monday, February 1, 2010

Sold to the man in the trenchcoat and hat

Unigirl (see yesterday's post) claims to have 'tendered' her virginity for $NZ45,000. Apparently 30,000+ viewed the ad and 1200+ people made her an offer. The online auction was ended just as media attention was beginning to go global ... Indian and Australia newspapers have picked up the story.

It's a good price, as far as these things go. Recently a 16-year old Northern Ireland sold hers for $NZ18,000, but the sale never went through as the buyer was a reporter seeking an interview. Supposedly a Romanian girl in Germany sold her virginity recently only to be landed with a hefty tax bill.

However, I can't help feeling Unigirl sold herself short. If she'd just waited all the global interest in her auction could have netted her a lot more. After all, it's a one time sale. So far the only woman to reclaim her virginity after the fact has been Doris Day. The quick end to the auction on the I Need site, and the lack of any means to verify the sale, reinforces my theory that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

If it was a stunt it has had a small amount of success, as there are a few new postings on the I Need site ... even a personal ad offering the "Girl Friend Experience" for $NZ150.00, including fantasy and role play. (By telephone appointment only.)

$NZ45,000 for the first time ... $NZ150.00 if you have extensive experience. On-the-job knowledge is just not valued anymore.

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