Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Script: Utterly Rucked, part twenty

In a burst of writing yesterday I finished up the 24th, and final, episode. The ending I had written weeks ago ended up in the trash, and a much more satisfying end spewed out of me onto the virtual page.

Now I have to start something else ... but what?
by David Tulloch

Page ONE

Back in the bar. Mel, the two locks (No.4 & 5), and the blinded blindside flanker engage in a little 'foreplay' before the action. Have Mel in the background at first.

Scotty (No.5), one of the locks, is tending to the wounded flanker, Davies (No.6), who still can't see after having industrial strength cleaning product thrown in his eyes.
Scotty: "She got you good, mate."
Davies: "Yeah. I can't see a thing."

Ginga, the other lock (No.4) has a bottle of clear liquid (but not water) he got from the bar.
Ginga: "Hang on mate, I'll wash your eyes out."

Davies puts his arms up over his eyes defensively.
Davies: "Arrgh ... fuck! What was that?"
Ginga: Water ... "

Ginga looking closely at the bottle, which informs us that it is a vodka-tonic mix.
... oh. Sorry mate. Vodka. My bad.

Ginga drinks the rest of the bottle.
Ginga: "Tastes good though."
Davies: "Ya bloody illiterate fucker, it's worse now."

Mel offering to go help.
Mel: "I'll get some water."
Scotty: "Thanks, Mel."

Page TWO

Mel going behind the bar, while in the background or off the blokes continue talking.
Ginga: "Can't get over Cheryl being the killer."
Scotty: "I know ... after everything we've done for her."

Okay, so what happens is that Mel finds something to use as a weapon; a chain with a padlock. It is currently being used to lock the kegs of beer that are behind the bar in place.
Ginga: "Well ... to her, really."

Mel takes a hairclip from her hair
Davies: "You think that was the problem?"
Ginga: "What? You mean all the sex?"

Mel begins to pick the padlock.
Scotty: "Sssh. That's her kid, mate. Choose your words carefully."
Ginga: "Oh ..."

Mel unlocks the padlock.
Ginga: "... you mean all, er, the rumpy pumpy?"
Scotty: "You're a git sometimes, Ginga."

Back to Scotty, Ginga and Davies, with Mel in the background, the chain a bit hidden.
Scotty: "You find some water, Mel?"
Mel: "No ... "


Mel using the padlock and chain as a flailing weapon, the padlock on the end hitting Scotty flush in the face. She may even be getting both of the locks with her swing if you want.
Mel: "... but I did find this!"
Part Twenty, Locked

One of the locks, Scotty, regains consciousness to find himself and Ginga tied up in the chains and padlock that was used in the previous page.

Black panel.
(unknown): "Wha ... ?"

Focus clearly, point-of-view (POV) of Scotty. he can see a slightly fuzzy Mel standing above him pouring something.
Scotty: '"What's going on?"

Mel is pouring straight spirits onto Scotty, splashing them everywhere.
Scotty: "Mel?

Scotty: "Oh my god. Mel? You're the killer?"
Mel: "You're quite smart for a rugby player, aren't you Scotty."

Scotty and Ginga are chained and padlocked together. Davies is sitting there unconscious with blood on his forehead. (Davies will actually get away from this, but ... well, you'll see.)

Scotty trying to get out of the chains
Scotty: " Jesus, Mel. Let me out, love."
Mel: "Love?"

The one word has set Mel off into a hate-filled rant. She splashes the vodka around haphazardly.
Mel: "What do you and your 'mates' know about love?"

Focus in on crazy Mel face.
Mel: "You screw my mother like she's some communal sex doll ... "

Mel " ... you abuse my father when all he's doing is making the game you profess to love possible ... "

She's really lost it ... close in on her spit-flecked mouth.
Mel: "... Rugby; the religion that motivates you all. Yet you barely understand the rules and think crashing the centre is the most advanced of tactics."

Mel has a zippo lighter out, flicking it so the flame is good and steady.
Mel: "You all make me sick."
Scotty: "Jeez, Mel. Isn't this going a bit far?"

Page SIX

Mel holding the lighter, ready to kill.
Scotty: "You really don't want to kill anyone, do you?"
Mel: "Oh, any idiot can kill a person, Scotty. What I'm doing is art."

Ginga groans as he almost regains consciousness. Scotty struggles against the locked chains.
Mel: "Can you guess the theme of this piece?"
Scotty: "Theme? Um ... I guess we're padlocked 'cause we're locks."

Scotty: "But setting us on fire? What's that got to do with rugby?"
Mel: "Ah, you've caught me out, Scotty. The fire isn't for any reason in particular ... "

Large frame. Dropping the lighter so it starts to burn.
Mel: " ... I just want to see you burn."
Scotty: "Please, Mel. No. Noooo!"

Next: Professional Foul
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