Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Script: Utterly Rucked, part six

Careful with that axe ...
Loose Head
by David Tulloch

Page ONE

Start with a four page chase and kill through the basement of the hotel. Our never-actually-identifiably-seen axe-weilding killer pursues the panicking loosehead prop Tao "Loosey" Lolesio.

The typical horror cliched chase scene. The panicking victim, running, looking over his shoulder, sweating. Getting to the elevator, pressing the button repeatedly, but looking up to see the lift is many floors away ... I'll leave the layout details and panel breakdowns to you. The fleeing victim has an unsuccessful, one-way conversation with the never-actually-clearly-seen pursuing killer.

"No ... stay away ... "
"Help me ... someone ..."
"C'mon ... c'mon ... "

Page TWO
Continue the chase, The victim, Tao, tries the stairs, but stumbles. The killer closes in.
"Who the hell are you?"
"Why are you doing this?"


Large (full page) frame of with imminent head chopping. Classic horror pose of Man fallen on stairs with arm up in defensive pose, killer with axe raised.
"For christsake ... are you crazy?"
Part Six: Loose Head


The axe falls, and falls again. You can be as graphic or as coy as you like here. However, the page should end with a severed head lying on the floor, the body being dragged off by the (hard to see or identify) killer in the background.

Inspector Diane Patel and Glen "Gen. Patton" Patterson having a conversion in the hotel bar. Patton is drinking beer. Patel is all business.

Patel: "Two more of you are now missing. Rufus "Tank" Girlwood and Tao "Loosey" Lolesio. We're searching the area."

Patton: "Christ ... that's two-thirds of our front row gone. We'll never be able to field a team now."

Patel: "I think that playing rugby is the least of your problems now."
Patton: "Are you sure you're a Kiwi? There's nothing more important than a rugby game."

Patel: "How about staying alive?"
Patton; "I guess ... "

Patton: "... but it's a close call, mind you."

Page SIX

Patel: "I've decided it's best if we move you all to another location out of town. Somewhere we can control a bit easier."
Patton: "Where?"

Patel: "Eketahuna."
Patton: "Eketahuna!?! Jeez-us! There's nothing to do there. An egg couldn't get laid there. I think we'd rather stay here and take our chances."

Patel: "You're kidding, right? This is life and death we're talking about."
Patton: "Tell ya what, we'll go, but the team gets one night on the town before we leave."

Patel: "I would recommend against it."
Paton: "These boys need a night out. Otherwise we don't co-operate with the relocation."

Patel looking worried, but giving in.
Patel: "It'll have to be somewhere we can keep under surveillance, a single location."

Patton smiling a broad smile. Patel looking disgusted.
Patton: "No problem. What's the best brothel in town?"

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