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Script: Utterly Rucked, part twenty-three

The penultimate episode ...
Injury time
by David Tulloch

Page ONE

Reprise the last panel from the previous episode, but this time a full page titles. Patel standing like a knight, holding a fireman's axe, wearing police body armour and helmet, and not much else. Patton and Burnsie looking on in awe.
Part Twenty-three, Injury Time

Burnsie: "I think I'm in love."
Patton: "Hands off, mate. I saw her first."

Page TWO

Patel looks unimpressed at the naked lust from the two men.
Patel: "If you two lads are finished with your adolescent drooling ... "

Yet she plays up to it a bit anyway.
Patel: "... it's time to go kick some arse!!"
Patton: "Hell yeah!"
Burnsie: "We're ready."

Patel suddenly realises she doesn't know where Mel is.
Patel: "So which way?"

One of those moments where everyone wants to go in a different direction.
Patton: "Oh ... Wayne and Cheryl's room ... that way."
Burnsie: "I thought it was this way?"


Back in the hotel room. Mel is holding the axe ready to strike the unconscious Davies. Her father is still trying to reason with her.
Wayne: "He's suffered enough. You don't need to kill him, Melanie."
Mel: "Yeah, that's true ... "

Mel; "But the thing is ... I really want to kill him."
Wayne: "Please Melanie, for me?"

Mel: "It's all for you, Dad. It's all for you. Everything I've done ... everyone I've done was for you."

Patel arrives on the scene, with Patton and Burnsie cowering behind.
Patel: "Hey, bitch ... put that man down!"


Mel drops Davies and turns to face Patel.
Mel: "Well, well If it isn't the clueless cop ... "

Mel: "... somehow I knew it was going to come down to you and me."
Patel: "I'm arresting you for the murders of ... well ... for a lot of murders."

Mel doing that cocking her head to one side thing again, the hatchet in her off-hand, while in her right hand she has another throwing dagger ready to throw.
Mel: "It has been a lot of murders, hasn't it. ..."

Mel throws the dagger at Patel ...
Mel: "So I guess one more doesn't matter then."


The dagger hits Patel in the chest, knocking her back a little, but it doesn't get through the armour ...

Patel removes the dagger from her chest with one hand, tossing it aside.
Patel: "I was hoping you'd resist arrest.

Patel swings the fireman's axe at Mel with both hands. Mel ducks under it. Mel now just has the hatchet in her hand.

Mel cuts Patel from the ducked position in the leg with the hatchet
Mel: "Oh I can resist alright."

Patel on the ground, clucthing at her leg wound, Melanie standing over her, raising her hatchet back with two hands, but getting her father accidentally in the upper chest.
Wayne: "Melanie, stop it ... !"

Wayne has been stabbed in the upper chest with the backswing, the hatchet now sticks out of him. Wayne is looking down at it in surprise. Mel is ignoring Patel and the others, and is with her father.
Mel: "Dad!"
Wayne: "Oh dear."

Page SIX

Patel is on the ground, clutching at her wounded leg, which is bleeding heavily. Patton and Burnsie are still standing behind her. In the background (off?) Wayne and Mel have a final conversation.
Patel: "Are you two just going to stare?"
Mel (off?): "Dad, are you okay?"
Wayne (off?): "Ow. I'm fine, Melanie, I'm ... "

Patel is bandaging herself with something, maybe a piece of clothing from one of the nearby bodies.
Patton: "Yeah, well, you've all got weapons and stuff ... "
Burnsie: "I'm just waiting for the right moment."
Mel (off?): "Oh, Dad. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."
Wayne (off?): "I know. I'll be ... blurrrrggg-ckk!"

Show Wayne and Mel, Mel holding her dying father in her arms.
Patel: "The right moment is now, you twit. While she's distracted."
Wayne: "You know (hack-kurf). In a way I'm ... I'm touched that you went (ca-cough) to all the trouble to ... (urk) ... kill those men for me."
Mel: "Thanks, Dad. That means a lot ..."

Patton and Burnsie have gone forward toward Mel. Mel has her back to them, but has put down her dead father and is holding the hatchet, and evil look on her face. It's meant to hve a portenious feeling to it; Patton and Burnsie think there's about to get Mel, but Mel is no longer as distracted as she was, and is ready to strike.
Mel: " ... and I'm not finished yet!"

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