Saturday, June 12, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox THREE, page 6 (of 6)

The final page of Opportunity and Knox. The tall dwarf and short giant may make a reappearnce at a later date.

Coming soon, a rural police drama 'almost comic' (seriously). Then the bloody glory of Utterly Rucked, once some sets are built, jerseys made, backgrounds painted, Playmobil purchased, and large quantities of tomato sauce procured.

Page SIX

Knox commands the rose bush to wrap ...

... a small dragon flies through the whole thing ...
Knox: What? That can't be right? it's tiny.
Opp: Run!

Large frame
Roar!!! Flames everywhere.

Inset frame
The two running away, somewhat singed.
You owe me a new shirt and trousers!
It barely burnt your trousers.
Trust me, I need new trousers.


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