Thursday, June 17, 2010

Script: DARK BAY ONE (page 5 of 6)

The 'cellphone' in this page ended up being the big police radio, as it was the closest thing to a cellphone we had in the toy box. Despite the 'retro feel' this give it is meant to be set in the present day.

This script contains the slightly cryptic note 'add in silent frames'. I wanted to convey the moments in a one-sided phone conversation where you are listening. I liked the idea so much it reoccurs in several episodes of Dark Bay (I've written ten episodes so far). The reader has to imply the other side of the conversation, which is something I always do in my head in these situations. Hopefully the next page (tomorrow) will make this page's 'missing' conversation side make more sense.

Meanwhile the ideas are coming thick and fast ... I've another Dungeon's & Dragons inspired strip that will make an appearance at some point. I have a superhero story bubbling away. There's a SF idea that won't get out of my head, and there are a couple of other things jostling for attention (they just won't leave me alone at night!) And there are all those previously posted scripts that want to be draw or made into almost comics. Do Playmobil make a cockroach I wonder?

add in silent frames.

Talking on phone
Yes, sir. Sure.

No problem.

Yeah ... yeah, I get it.

No, I don't need a ...

I really don't need a ...

I really don't need a ...

Okay, okay ... Jesus.

Yes, sir. I will.

Damn. Just what I need.

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