Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Script: DARK BAY THREE (page 1 of 6)

The limitations of using Playmobil are apparent in this page. Bernie could not be persuaded to take his jacket off and show his scar. Playmobil are shy creatures. So I went with the flashback frame reprise instead.

At least we had a female figure with something that passed for a hippie outfit, necklace and sun tattoo. That was something of a find in the big box of assorted people.

A wee box of Playmobil sized rugby jerseys was delivered to me today. One step closer to the Utterly Rucked almost comic.

Page ONE

Bernie showing his scar.
Bernie: She got me good. Completely mental.
TITLES: Dark Bay
Part Three: Old Wounds

Sal: Why did she try to kill you, Bernie?
Bernie: No idea. Never saw her before or since.

Sal: Was she on drugs?
Bernie: It was the sixties and she was at a psychedelic rock concert. What do you think?

Sal: You wouldn't know her name I suppose.
Bernie: Nope.

Bernie: She did wear a cool necklace though. Lots of suns.

Bernie: And she had a sun tattoo as well.

Bernie: Maybe she was called Sunny?

Continued tomorrow ...

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