Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Script: DARK BAY TWO (page 2 of 6)

I got a little 'arty' with the panel layouts for this, but not as arty as I'd hope an actual artist would render this. As will a lot of the 'talky' stuff I write, as long as it's clear who is talking the art can focus on whatever it likes. Hence the dog in the foreground of two panels, and all the one-picture-across-multiple-panels stuff. The script intentionally makes no direction how these pages should be drawn.

Page TWO
Sal(ly) talking to the newspaper woman, Margaret in Margaret's house.

When did the paper close?

I used to write for it

Had to do something with all that education I got at Uni. Shame it closed.

I could spend weeks looking through this.

Is it okay if I send someone else over to look through this?
Sure. Who you have in mind.

There's a new cop in town, Margaret. And he's about to learn that real police work is unbelievably boring.

Continued soon ...

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