Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Script: DARK BAY ONE (page 4 of 6)

I couldn't find a Playmobil meat pie, so I used a gold plate. It's not as if Sal could ever eat it anyway, her arms don't bend.

This almost comic is much quicker to do than the O&K stories, which took a lot of setting up. This strip is a lot of talking heads for the most part. However, there are some tricky bits coming up, so I'll have to enlist my wife to draw some backgrounds and props.

Meanwhile, prep-work continues on the Utterly Rucked almost comic, which is going to be epic in scope and detail. There's a rugby jersey making session coming up this weekend. Tiny little rugby jerseys. So cute. Soon to be tiny little, blood-splattered jerseys. So wrong.

Dave: Then the tourists started coming to the Bay.
That drove more away.

Dave: The Artists and Yuppies bought up everything.

Dave: The Bay's got no Post Office or Butcher anymore, but five art galleries. Go figure.

Sal: C'mon, Dave. There's always been artists around these parts, though. Jean Vernon lived here in the 50s. Jerry Mann.

Barry is just a perv who liked to pick up pretty girls in his truck and draw them naked.
Sal: That's a bit unfair, Dave.

Barry is a perv, through and through. But you're right, at least he's a local.

Dave: Now-days it's just out-of-towners, tourists and those who cater for 'em.
Sal: Which one am I, Dave.

Dave: How long have you been stationed here?
Sally: One and half years now.

Dave: Then you're a tourist. In a few years you'll qualify as an out-of-towner.
(phone noise)

Continued tomorrow ...

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