Monday, June 14, 2010

Script: DARK BAY ONE (page 2 of 6)

These Dark Bay episodes are all 6-pages long, although the story continues over many episodes. Six pages allows forces me to come up with something 'interesting' every six pages, and some sort of line-of-interest to go out on.

Since there are a lot of talking head shots in these stories I may attempt to photoshop some facial expressions on the Playmobil at some point. Otherwise it will just be endless shots of unmoving plastic faces with fixed smiles ... or just like a Hollywood movie.

Page TWO

A horde of cops and cars, tech boys, police tape etc. at the crime scene. A cop motions for a more senior cop, a Detective Inspector (DI) to look at the body, which is being examined closely by a forensic guy. All of these other police are male.
Cop: Over here, boss.
DI: Christ, that's been there a while.

Forensic: Fifty years I'd say, give or take ten.
DI: Typical. All this way for an old skeleton. Should've guessed it was nothing.

Forensic: I wouldn't say nothing, sir. Obvious signs of violence. Something odd happened to her.

DI: Yeah, but fifty years ago. It's hardly going to be a career-making case.

DI: So can we pack it up and take it back to the lab?
Forensic: Sure. Crate it up.

DI: Now, is there anywhere good to eat in this dump?

Continued soon ...

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