Sunday, June 13, 2010

Script: DARK BAY ONE (page 1 of 6)

The start of another 'almost comic'. Dark Bay, a rural NZ cop drama.

Just to clarify, the idea behind the 'almost comic' is just to have a way of making the scripts more visually appealing. They are in no way meant to be a finished product. Also, some things are difficult to do in the medium of photos of toys. An artist would be able to make some of the visual jokes in the scripts much clearer.

Basically, I just wanted a way of making the blog something more than a bunch of words, and this gives us a chance to play with our toys.

Ideally, someone will take the scripts and actually drawn them. And then someone will publish them. Money changing hands would be good. Or someone could hire me to write something else. Go on ... you know you want to.

Dark Bay ONE
Burying yourself

A murder mystery / cop drama set in some unspecified but generic bay area in the back of beyond in New Zealand. My attempt at getting around that perennial problem of cop shows ... how to have dozens upon dozens of murders in a sleepy place without you starting to wonder why anyone would live there, and how to have your low-ranked cop still remain in charge of the investigation. This is the first of two ideas that popped into my head in answer to the Midsomer-has-a-murder-rate-twenty-times-higher-than-Baghdad syndrome.

Page ONE
Skeletal remains that can be shown over three panels. The remains are in a dirt hole at a building site, but we can be quite close in so it makes a visual impact.
Mike: So what'd we do, Sal?
Sally: Call it in and wait for the boys over the Hill to get here.

Mike: I've got a cement truck coming at two to pour the foundations.
Sally: Not going to happen, Mike. It's a crime scene now.

Mike: You sure, Sal?
Sally: I may be a rural cop, but even I can tell it's a human skeleton ...

The two people, Mike the builder and Sal (Sally) the cop looking into the hole with the skeleton.
Sally: "... and people don't bury themselves."
Dark Bay
Episode One: Burying Yourself

Continued tomorrow ...

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