Sunday, May 16, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox TWO, page 5 (of 6)

This page has me holding a kitchen knife ... the ultimate in special effects.

The boots our heroes seek are actually from a Xena warrior princess toy that was found at the $2 shop with some other assorted warriors. Xena gave her life for this page, as we snipped the boots off her with a pair of scissors.


One more frame of them making their way through the temple dungeon.
Knox: "Why was it is High-elven? Everything else was in the human low-tongue."

The see the boots on a dais/pedestal thing.
Opp: There they are. The Boots of Size Alteration. Just think what we can do with those.

Opp and Knox prodding the floor and checking for traps.
Opp: "It all looks safe enough.
Knox: "Hmm, I wonder if ... "

They creep forward, but step on something, a pressure plate, that makes a click
FX: (click)

They jump up just as a blade sweeps under them.
Knox: "Jump!"
FX: Swish!

They duck as another blade goes over their heads.
Knox: "Duck!"
FX: "Swish!"

Concluded tomorrow ...

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