Monday, May 24, 2010

History as a Second Language

Where do you go for your Egyptian history? Someone who has a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language of course. Dr Carmen Boulter's 5-part documentary, The Pyramid Code, is currently showing on the History Channel.

Her credentials are rather less than impressive. Oddly enough her university of Calgary website page avoids mentioning her award-winning documentary series (awards for Score, Motion Graphics and Design Package).

The basic premise is that we have all be told lies by 'traditional Egyptology' and we need to re-examine the evidence.

The conclusion Dr Boulter comes up with is that the pyramids are vast electrical machines, now broken, that were part of some sophisticated stellar worship/observation and harmonic healing system.

'Traditional Egyptology' is presented as a straw man, not only laughably wrong but actively trying to hide the real story by misrepresenting, hiding and destroying evidence. Conspiracy theories are wonderful things, as it's always impossible to refute them ... "You must be one of them!" the believers cry.

The arguments presented by Dr Boulter are done so without evidence, and are filled with mystical ramblings about what spiritual life must have been like for the invented star worshipers she posits.

The supporting experts are a motley collection of oddball Egyptian History re-interpreters, the half-baked ideas of which are manipulated to fit Dr Boulter's own claims.

It's simply rubbish. Easily refuted rubbish.

So how did she get a 5-part documentary series, and why is it being shown by the History Channel?

The series is available in bite-sized YouTube chunks, and on DVD, as well as the endless cycle of repeats it is sure to have, if you wish to go look. It's worth a laugh. But that's about it.

No wonder I generally avoid the History as a Second Language Channel.

(More 'almost comics' soon).

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