Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 4 (of 6)

Epic photo shoot today to do the last three pages of this strip. Having a one-year old in the mix made it a bit more epic than it should have been. My wonderful wife did most of the setup and photo-taking. I got to be artistic director and child-wrangler.

We modified some of the frames so they differ from the script directions, mostly for the sake of simplicity. We're going for something vaguely illustrative here, not exact.

We start with three small frames at the top of the page.

A street scene in a fantasy town. Coaches, horses, knights, men-at-arms, etc. Make sure there's a manhole cover somewhere in the scene.

A manhole cover being shifted out from below.

Climbing out of the sewers hole come our heroes, dripping and bedraggled.

Our two heroes in the street with other people around them so we can see they are normal sized in comparison.
Opportunity: "I can't believe you got lost in the sewers."

Knox: "It was hard to keep track when running that fast."
Opportunity: "Yeah, but you're a dwarf. You were raised underground."

Another panel whose point is to show visually that they are both normal-sized in comparison to everyone else around them. You could even put in small-people, such as halflings and dwarfs, or some large beast like an orge, to add to this.
Knox: "So? You're a giant, Opportunity, yet one little ol' rat frightens you off.
Opportunity: "Little? That was big enough for my father to ride on.

Continued tomorrow ...

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