Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 5 (of 6)

Just got some Playmobil on TradeMe to help out with a planned story (next month?). Meanwhile, the green jelly has been acquired to make a prop for the next O&K story, the photo-shoot for that one will happen this weekend, we hope. A trip to the hardware store is planned to get some other props.

Are we taking this all a little too seriously? Nah ... we're having way too much fun.

A group of heroic (and cliched) adventurers push past our heroes to go into the sewers themselves.

A group of aristocratic knight adventurers are heading into the sewers. They have lit torches, and are well kitted out with armour, weapons, etc.
Hero: "Make way, smelly peasants."

Knox: "Going into the sewers after the rat bounty, are ye?
Hero: "Why yes, we are."

Knox: "I wouldn't take those torches in if I was you.
Hero: "Why ever not? They light the way and the rats are frightened by fire."

The 'heroes' looking at Knox in disbelief.
Knox: "Just trust me. I'm a dwarf."

They all laugh at Knox.

The heroes go down into the sewers, still chuckling at Knox. O&K watch them go.
Hero2: "A dwarf ... he's taller than me."
Hero1: "Absolute nonsense."

Concluded tomorrow ...

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