Saturday, May 15, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox TWO, page 4 (of 6)

Epic photo-shoot today to get the last three pages done. We are a bit time-poor, as they say, just at the moment. However, we've started laying out the next episode already. There's work being done on Utterly Rucked. Some Playmobil has been acquired from various and cheap sources. Little rugby jerseys are being made ...

On top of all this we (well, mainly my wife) are also restoring an old guitar (a beat up Suzuki No.6), as well as all the day-to-day business that life brings.


Large frame of some evil temple in the mid-distance with our two heroes standing looking at it. Multiple speech bubbles.

Opp: "So that's a temple?"
Knox: "Yup."
Opp: "What god is that for?"
Knox: "A bad one."
Opp: "They're all bad in some way."
Knox: "True enough."

The two heroes making their way past traps and skeletons and dungeon trash.
Knox: "I just wish we'd gotten that bit of text translated."

More of the same, they avoid some pit or something.
Knox: "I'm sure it's important."

Continued tomorrow ...

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