Monday, May 10, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox TWO, page 1 (of 6)

The start of a second O&K 'almost comic' ... featuring jelly. You'll have to wait for page three to see the jelly.

If you bother to read the script you'll notice that even I don't stick to my own layout suggestions.

The overall plan is for this O&K story, then one more, then possibly a wee break while we get ready to do UTTERLY RUCKED as an 'almost comic' -- Rugby, Playmobil, Blood and Guts. If UR is looking like it might take a while to do (there's a demand for higher production values from those involved) I'll see if I can fill in with something else I've been working on, a police drama story with a Lovecraftian twist.

Size Tens ... or The Epic Quest for the Boots of Size Alteration

Story: David Tulloch

Page ONE

Opportunity and Knox are in the house of Big Bertha to get a map translated. Bertha is a very skinny woman.
TITLES at the top (or bottom) of the page.
Opportunity & Knox
Two: Size Tens ... or The Epic Quest for the Boots of Size Alteration

Knox showing the very skinny Big Bertha a strange map with odd writing.
Knox: "Can you help us out, Big Bertha? We know the location is a temple but we need a translation of this bit of the map."

Knox and Bertha talking while Opportunity watches with a somewhat bemused and quizzical look.
Big Bertha: "Hmm, it's in High-elven."
Knox: "What's the difference from normal elven?"

Bertha makes a joke, Knox takes it all seriously. Opp looks on with confusion.
Big Bertha: "It's much more complex and long-winded ... I think elves write High-elven after taking lots of drugs.
Knox: "I see."

Opportunity has been watching this and now finally speaks up. Knox looks worried, and is trying to make that 'please stop' motion people make when they want someone to shut up.
Opp: "I don't get it? Why do they call you Big Bertha? You're as skinny as a rake."

Continued tomorrow ...

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