Thursday, May 6, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 6 (of 6)

Final page. Tomorrow I'll put up a click-through summary version, if I can work out how to do that.

The 'explosion' panel is rather lame when compared to the script directions, but laying out a whole townscape just for one picture seemed like a bad idea.

The photo-shoot for the next episode of O&K starts tomorrow, assuming the jelly sets in time.

There has been some pressure put upon me to do Utterly Rucked (see February's posts) as an 'Almost Comic'. That would be an epic undertaking, but seems to be gaining momentum. But that's for another month.

Page SIX
Three small panels at the top of the page to start with.

Our heroes sitting on the curb, dripping and slumped.
Opportunity: "So what's the plan now, Knox?"
Knox: '"First, my giant friend, we wait ... "

SImilar frame as before, but nothing happening.

As the previous frame.
Opportunity: "What are we waiting for?"

A large frame that shows the sewer manhole cover being blown sky high as some large explosion takes place in the sewers.
Knox: "Their torches to interact with ...
... the sewer gas I smelt down there."

Our heroes sitting on the curb again.
Knox: "... now we go and collect the dead rats."
Opportunity: "That's a really good plan."

Our two height-challenged heroes stand up and head towards the manhole opening.
Knox: "An' we're looting their bodies too. They should've known better than to laugh at a dwarf!"


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