Monday, May 3, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 3 (of 6)

This page of 'almost comic' contains my lame attempt to get some movement into the picture without actually doing anything time-consuming. I used parentheses. Does it make the page come alive? No. But I'm too lazy to start getting into photoshopping the pictures at this point.

Opportunity (the short giant) is using a large wooden spoon as a club, simply because it was the closest thing to a club we had in our Playmobil arsenal. We tried drumsticks, the handle of a morning star, and a tribal stick. I liked the spoon. My wife didn't, so she got to choose the helmet he wears.

It's also rather hard to make Playmobil look like they are running. Exit stage left chased by a toy rat.


The 'giant', Opportunity, wallops the giant rat square in the face with his over-sized club. Some suitable sound effect would be good here.

The rat snarling and foaming at the mouth, looking more vicious than ever.
Opportunity: "That just made it angry. What now?"

They flee. Maybe the two of them running, the rat behind them in all it's large, angry glory.
Knox: "Run!"

continued tomorrow ...

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