Saturday, May 1, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 1 (of 6)

Almost a comic page.

Below is the script for a new comic idea called Opportunity & Knox. Opportunity is a short giant. Knox is a tall dwarf. They fight monsters and stuff in a fantasy world. Hopefully some of it is funny.

Also included is the solution we have come up with to the absence of active drawing of any of my scripts. I may not have any artistic talent, but I do own a camera and a bunch of toys. My wonderful wife whipped up some backgrounds, dressed some Playmobil, found a toy rat, and helped orchestrate the photo-shoot.

So, this is the way forward, I hope. I'll still write and post scripts, but a page at a time, and with a silly photo-comic to illustrate it.

The photos are not meant to replace actual artwork, or even be accurate to the script. However, they are 'almost' a comic, so I can feel I'm almost a comic book writer.

We are already planning a shopping trip to get some specific Playmobil for the next story ...

Opportunity & Knox ONE
Big Rat

This is a swords and fantasy parody (yes, there are already too many of them) about the tallest dwarf and shortest giant. As such there is plenty of room in the artwork for visual jokes and small silly details. Such as half-visable graffiti proclaiming 'Groo is a mendicant", or a shop sign proclaiming to sell the One Ring. I can add in details if you like, or leave it up to your own sense of humour.

Disclaimer: Like anything I write, the panel breakdowns are just suggestions. The photo panels are really there as a bit of fun, they are not to be taken seriously. If you want to group some panels together so there are multiple speech bubbles, or break them apart so there are more panels with less words, feel free. Layout suggestions are just that. You're the artist, feel free to play with the layout.

Page ONE
Three smallish frames at the top, then a large title frame.

[ It begins with rats. It almost always begins with rats. ]
A rat with some stolen food in its mouth running into a sewer grate.

[ Rats are simple. ]
The rat running down a wide, tiled underground sewer

[ Rats are small. ]
The rat coming up to an archway that opens into something larger ...

[ ... most of the time. ]
Large Title frame. The rat is a bystander to a fight between our two heroes and a giant rat. The rat should be huge. Fending off the rat with his shield is Knox.
Knox is a dwarf, but is tall for his race, so is human-sized. He has a thick beard, wears chain mail, uses a shield and axe, and does other things like a dwarf, it's just that he grew tall. He is a tall dwarf.
Behind Knox is Opportunity, a short giant. He is also human-sized, but carries a large over-sized club and likes to throw rocks at things.
Together they form a size-themed fantasy fighting duo ... so it is appropriate that their first adventure pits them against a big rat.
Opportunity: "I thought you said this was gonna be easy, Knox?"
Knox: "Shut up an' hit it!"
Opportunity & Knox
ONE: Big Rat
continued tomorrow ...

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