Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox TWO, page 3 (of 6)


Okay, so the script calls for multiple monsters in various environments to illustrate the 'epic' nature of the journey. But my wife went to the trouble of making a gelatinous cube out of lime jelly and Playmobil parts ... so we just used that for six frames.

We had gone as far as painting background and finding suitable toys for 4 other monsters (the badger was giving us problems), but I just liked playing with jelly.

We didn't manage a photo-shoot yesterday, so the next page may be slightly delayed. We did, however, get a background done and gather together the parts, so it won't take too long.

This page show various action fighting frames of them dealing with random monsters as they travel, contrasted with bits of a simple conversation. There's a geek 'joke' in that all the monsters are from the first edition AD&D Dungeon Master Guide random encounter tables.

The two heroes fighting a giant toad.
Opp: "How long do sylphs keep grudges for anyway?"
Knox: "For as long as they live."

The two heroes fighting a giant Badger.
Opp: "How long do sylphs live?"
Knox: "They're immortal."

The two heroes fighting a giant Centipede.
Opp: "So where is this temple?"
Knox: "Other side of the Swamp of Slaughter."

The two heroes fighting a Gelatinous Cube (a large semi-opaque cube of stuff that sucks things into it, and has odd bits suspended inside like a jelly with fruit would).
Opp: "Is that close to the Desert of Fiery Rain?"
Knox: "No ... it's nearer to the Lake of Unsettled Souls."

The two heroes fighting a giant lizard.
Opp: "There's a good inn in those parts ... what's its name? The Something's Something?"
Knox: "The Unicorn's Horn? They do a great vegetable stew."

The two heroes fighting a giant beetle.
Opp: "Nah. I was thinking of the Gorgon's Head."
Knox: "Oh right. Great pub. I wonder if they still sell ale by the bucket?"

Continued soon ...

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