Sunday, May 2, 2010

Script: Opportunity & Knox ONE, page 2 (of 6)

This page shows the limitations of the 'taking photos of toys' approach to comic book visualization. This should be a dynamic action page with our heroes in mortal combat with a giant rat. Playmobil don't do dynamic that well. Nor does a crazy catnip-stuffed cat-toy mouse.

Still, it is odd and funny looking. Which is good enough for me.

Page TWO
A big fight page as 'dwarf' tries to block the rat and swing his axe, while the giant berates his companion. Make it action-packed, with them leaping and bits of the sewer being demolished by the rat, etc.

Opportunity: "A simple bounty on rats, you said."

Opportunity: "Just a quick in an out, you said."

Opportunity: "Easy money, you said."
Knox: "Well now I'm saying hit the damn rat."

continued tomorrow ...

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