Thursday, May 28, 2009

Work from home, make thousands a day!

As you may be aware, the US military can now have a 'pilot' fly a remote control plane from a desk half a world away on fly combat missions. As of this year they started letting non-flyers use these remote killing platforms in combat. This made me wonder if it could evolve into a great little part-time job that affords wonderful work-life balance. The stay-at-home part-time combat pilot raising kids while ridding the world of 'insurgents' ...

"Dad, I want some apple juice."

"Hang on, sweetie. Daddy's eliminating insurgents. I'm almost to my daily quota."

"But, Dad, I'm thirsty."

"Just wait. I've almost got him."

"Now I need to go potty, Dad. I need to go potty! Now!!!"

"Sheesh! Can you go by yourself, sweetie? I'm almost on him."

"No, Dad, I need help. I need to go now!"

"Ah, screw it. They all look alike anyway." (**presses kill button**)

"Okay, sweetie, Daddy's coming."

"Thanks, Daddy. Can I sit on you lap next time your working?"

"Sure, sweetie, but no pressing the red buttons like last time, okay."

"Okay, Dad, I promise."

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