Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If it's a book, can I flip to the end?

I joined Facebook today. People have been telling me I should for a while now. So, I'm there. What is the point of it all? Someone tell me, please. And while you're at it, can anyone tell me what the appeal of Twitter is? These new-fangled things, like electric light, motorized carriages and sliced bread, are just so confusing to an old curmudgeon like me.

It has been a productive week, writing-wise. I finished two Ninja six-pagers (episodes 17 and 18) and have started work on a third. Plenty of silly puns and dated pop-culture references.

My brain is almost coherent enough at the moment to contemplate more other stories, so I've been writing down notes and random thoughts. The burlesque girls story is fully formed in my head, and itching to crawl out through my nose and onto the paper. There's an old-fashioned adventure story with aliens, dinosaurs, and a princess that I started over Christmas that needs to be added to.

There are also a bunch of old prose stories that have been sitting in drawer for years that are asking to be transformed into comic scripts. These include a story about fairies, another about a man who keeps reality in check, and something that has way too much sex and violence in it but may just get written anyway. So my keyboard is getting a workout at the moment.

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