Friday, May 22, 2009

Script: Over There (1 of 5)

I'm going to make the next five blog days/entries as a complete 10-page comic script. Putting a script up on a blog may be a bad idea, I'm not sure, but I figure that the worse thing that can happen is someone rips me off.

Story: David Tulloch

This is a story about a boy (an only child) having a deep conversation with his plastic toy soldiers as he tries to work through some stuff. One toy in particular, the Sarge, does most of the talking back to the boy. The story takes place in the boy's bedroom, which is being prepared for a battle. The artwork and layout can be quite experimental or innovative, or just straight-up. Most of the panels are the boy and/or the toy soldier talking.

Page ONE

The Sarge plastic toy soldier. He should be an unpainted green soldier with a commanding attitude, maybe beckoning to other troops to follow.
Sarge: “I've never seen so many."

A large frame, the main frame of the page, showing a boy who is putting together some sort of Lego block bunker. The Sarge is visible on the floor some distance away from where the boy is building the bunker.
The boy's room has a bed , which forms once side of the valley, with a desk and wooden chair at the end. It is the desk and chair that the boy is turning into a fortress, with machine gunners, bunkers, artillery, snipers, and assorted bits and pieces. While the soldiers who are attacking are all basically the same, US or British green-plastic infantry, the defenders are whatever other toys the boy has available. German infantry, French legion, Russians, Romans, tan-coloured, grey, blue, etc.

Sarge: "It looks a bit overwhelming."

Much the same as 2, but smaller.
Sarge: "When do we have to attack?"
Boy: "Soon."

The Sarge in close up, his unchanging expression.
Sarge: "I'd better tell the lads."

Page TWO

The boy placing the Sarge with his squad. Various assorted toy soldiers. You may want to look online, unless of course you have some buried in a box somewhere. There's usually one standing with a rifle, one kneeling with a rifle, a machine gunner lying down, one throwing a grenade, etc. One of the soldiers speaks.
Soldier 1: "Sarge is coming back, boys. Look lively."

The toys talking among themselves, but the boy should be at least partly visible in all these shots, as the conversation is really in his head. The boy continues to build the defenses on the desk and chair.
Soldier 2: "No air support at all?"
Sarge: "He says there's none available."

Soldier 2: "That's bullshit! Look at all the blocks he's using"
Sarge: "Easy, Charlie, easy."

Soldier 2: "Sorry, Sarge. But ... we're going to get slaughtered."
Sarge: "What can I say. I think the kid's in a bad mood."

Soldier 3: "Maybe you could reason with him, Sarge?"
Sarge: "I'll try ... "

continued next blog, tomorrow...

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