Friday, May 29, 2009

Mr Blobby

I'm still carrying a bit of pregnancy weight. Yes, I know ... I'm male ... I didn't have a baby inside me. But I did gain weight during my wife's pregnancy, and it turns out not to be that uncommon. ( I'm pleased that I'm not alone in my pregnatory gluttonacity but I am still a little embarrassed by it.

The reasons aren't to hard to work out ... my wife's diet changed during pregnancy, and so mine did as well. But in my case it wasn't all food related, exercise was less frequent than before ... all kinds of exercise.

Don't get me wrong, though. I had, and still have, the easy part of the whole child-rearing experience. The morning sickness, the wriggling parasite growing inside, kicking, clawing, growing. The hormones that made her suddenly cry at chick flicks ... which at least meant I wasn't crying alone. The feeling that your body is no longer under your own control. A feeling that continues for months afterwards thanks to breast-feeding ... I swear our wee boy sees his mother and thinks, "Cor! Look at the food on that one!"

My part is much less strenuous. Perhaps that's another reason why I'm still carrying that pregnancy weight? So I'm trying to lose some flab ... although not as much as my Wii tells me I should. The Wii Fit game informs me in its perky little voice that I'm dead already. Obese! The greatest of all modern lifestyle sins. Maybe I need to travel back in time ... to the dim distant days of 1934 ... when being 'naturally skinny' was a bad thing. Somehow inventing a time machine seems like an easier task than losing weight.

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