Saturday, May 23, 2009

Script: Over There (2 of 5)

The second installment, which contains a full page panel--always a great thing for a writer as it takes two minutes to write something like that but two days to draw. :-)

Full page shot of the room, looking from the door end toward the desk. Here's a written description, but feel free to alter things as you see fit.

On the right hand wall of the room there were several Lego-block machine-gun nests. On the left, hiding under the folds of the duvet, were snipers. But it was the far end of the room that held the biggest challenges. The desk had been turned into a bristling death trap. Lego bunkers on the desktop itself. Then balanced on the open drawers several crouching riflemen. The chair, pushed into the desk, housed more riflemen—both the crouching and the standing varieties. They were using the strut-supports of the chair-back as cover. Finally, on either side of the chair legs stood more sharpshooters.

Right in the fore-ground of the picture should be the Sarge.
Sarge: " ... Lord knows, I'll try."

Story: David Tulloch
Art: You

Page layouts from this point on can be anything you want. Since the story is all a conversation between a plastic toy solider and a boy you can be quite experimental with the layouts. For example ... a zoom in page that starts with a panel showing the whole room and zooms in panel by panel until it's a close up of the toy soldier. Or a zoom out page. How about a one picture several panel page, that is a page made from a single image, but still with panel divisions. Go nuts. Have fun. All I ask is that you try to keep the panel/text groupings together.

Sarge: "You really want us to go into the valley of death?"
Boy: "We all have to go places we don’t want to."

Sarge: "Is that what this is all about? Your trip to London?"

Boy: "Maybe."

Sarge "You’re about to suffer, so first you make us go through hell? That's not very fair, is it?"

Angry boy.
Boy: “Nothing's fair! Why should I be fair?"

continued tomorrow ...

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