Sunday, May 3, 2009

H1N1 Knit One, Purl One

One of our local pharmacies is selling face masks at inflated prices. People are faking flu symptoms to get Tamiflu, and are then trying to auction the pills online. I know of people who have paid to get flu shots, so they will be safe. The US vice-president is avoiding enclosed public spaces ... which is at least a bonus for anyone else in those enclosed spaces.

The swine flu scare really has brought out the greed and stupidity in people. Israel is slaughtering pigs and only refers to the disease as H1N1, as swine or pig flu is insulting. Just as well the media called it pig flu, rather than say baby flu or cuddly kitten flu. Although, TV journalist flu might lead to some useful culling.

The knitted web of fear that is the global media circus will keep us all glued to our screens ... the ultimate reality show ... bring out your dead ... bring out your dead. I'm off to buy a wooden cart and a bell.

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