Sunday, June 7, 2009

why is my knee wet?

i have a baby on my knee as i type this. so cute.
as long as i keep talking to him and bouncing my knee up and down gently all is well. he has a tight grip on one on my fingers, and a wide eyed stare. poor guy is a bit under the weather, but is getting better and is a happy chappy most of the time, anyway.
babies really reduce the world to essentials. food, shelter, rest, and companionship. if he has a smiling face to look at he's always happy. well, most of the time. as long as those other three things are sorted.
soon he'll learn to walk and talk and become a social animal, and life will get oh so complicated. but for now, a bouncing knee, a friendly voice, a fresh nappy, a tummy full of milk after a nice long sleep, and a warm house are all he needs.
sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

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