Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A dash more grey before the black and white

Simon rang last night to say he's finished inking the third six-page episode of Straitjacket Ninja. All he needs to do now is electronically stick the words on it. This one was long delayed, by various things, but mostly paying work. One of the problems of restarting something like the nutty ninja on spec is that Simon and I are easily distracted by anyone waving money at us.

Water was also something that slowed Simon down. He was stranded in Nelson due to heavy rain and winds, and had a plumbing problem that means he needs to replace walls in his house.

Illness is the thing that has been slowing me down. I'm finally feeling much better after almost a month of ick. Nothing serious, but it really me stopped my living my life the way I'm used to.

I did manage to draft a Straitjacket Ninja script the other day, which despite ... or perhaps because of ... being written with a fever still holds up okay. It needs some editing, but the storyline actually makes sense when read with a less fevered mind. The story is a tribute of sorts to the creators of Knuckles the Nun, and introduces two continuing villains.

I also started sketching out something a bit more epic, but that will probably remain a sketch for now. For the moment I'm concentrating on short, punchy scripts. A few months ago I sat down and wrote three full-length comic scripts, just to see if I could. I have no idea of their quality, but it was a good exercise from my point of view. The story was a alternative reality Victorian-era detective story with vampires and other undead ... dare I say a Sherlock Holmes meets Vampire Hunter D? More an idiot second-cousin of Holmes, and a not so bleak vision of the world as Vampire Hunter D.

So the good news today is that coming soon to this blog is a sneak peek at an inked Ninja page from episode three.

The artwork is, of course, copyright Simon Morse, 2009.

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