Thursday, June 4, 2009

Men are from Earth. Women are from Notrub Three

On the planet Notrub Three the dominant humanoid race evolved not from apes, but from lizards. These cold blooded creatures have traveled far and wide, discovering many other inhabited planets, and other intelligent species.

Through the use of chameleon technology they have disguised themselves so they can intermingle, observe, and even intimately interact with other races. They are, of course, on our planet, and have been for some time. Some have blended so well into our society that they have married humans, and even borne hybrid children.

The chameleon suits these lizard-aliens wear have their limitations. For some reason they are best suited to imitating female humans, not male. Probably something to do with the natural physiology of the lizard-aliens. The female form is just a better fit for their bits.

Another limit of the chameleon suits occurs at some extremities. The suits do a good job of keeping the cold-blooded lizard-aliens warm, and they project some of this heat outward in order to mimic human body temperatures. However, the suits can begin to fail after time at the extremes of the body, particularly the toes and nose. This means that the camouflaged aliens have extremely cold toes, and nose tips. Too cold to be human. No human flesh could be a alive at such temperatures.

If all this seems like an unreal fantasy culled from too many bad horror/sci-fi TV shows, well think again. It's real. They are out there. They live among us.

How else can you explain the temperature of my wife's feet when she curls up next to me in bed?

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