Thursday, June 18, 2009

Status update, or where is the nutty ninja?

Finally, we all seem to be over the parade of colds and bugs that have gone through the extended family. Sending a child to Kindergarten this time of year seems like a great way to expose your family to a wide range of diseases. I don't see little kids there anymore, just virus factories with cute smiles. Unclean! Unclean!

As a result, not much writing got done in the last six weeks. I did manage fifteen episodes of a four-panel comic strip that will hopefully turn up on this blog in a matter of weeks. They say write what you know, so it's a strip about a struggling writer. I also managed about two-and-a-half Straitjacket Ninja six-pagers, this blog, and some random stuff that may end up as bits of other things. But all-in-all not a productive period.

I did spend a bit of time working for cash, and at bit less time adding data to a large database I'm putting together. Yes, I do databases in my spare time. Shoot me now. Even worse, it's a combat calculator for role-playing (yes, that D&D type of stuff with elves and monsters and geeks, although not D&D in this case but rather Rolemaster).

Simon says he'll be around in a day or two to drop off the latest Ninja artwork, and as promised I'll post one inked page when it arrives. He too has been a busy lad, working on band posters and the like. You can check them out on his MySpace site.

There just aren't enough hours in the day ... I blame the government and daylight saving. Just what are they doing saving days like that in the summer. Is there a day surplus now? I bet there is, and they are hording them all. I say a day refund is called for. Vote for me for dictator and I will refund all those saved days. A sunrise in every pot. I promise I'll be a benevolent dictator ... at least for some of you.

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