Monday, June 29, 2009

What's black & white and has bad jokes?

Back on June 3rd I posted some pencils from Straitjacket Ninja. Well, here's the inked version of that page, which is the fifth page of the six-page story. Simon slaved over the feet of the nutty ninja in that large first panel.

This page has some very bad jokes on it, which as the writer I should probably apologize for. Let's just say that SN's twisted take on reality is full of bad puns and old gags. It's his fault, not mine. Honest.

Simon has already penciled the next two episodes, and I have plotted out twenty-four in total ... seventeen of which are written. We have no idea if anyone will take the strip. Even if they do there may be major rewrites needed, fewer or more pages per episode, ... who knows. But we are having fun. And we are getting in some practice. It feels right.

Meanwhile we have our day jobs. Simon has an ever-growing portfolio of commercial work, some of which you can see on his MySpace page. As for me, I have a stack of scripts on all sorts of topics, with all sorts of characters, from hard-nosed Victorian adventurers, to space-going goldfish.

Arthur Ashe once said that: "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." On the other hand, we all have bills to pay, and who wants to be on a road to nowhere? Well, Talking Heads, obviously, but apart from them?

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