Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

I was channel surfing, something I do far too often, the other day when I came across something on the Disney Channel that made me wince. It was a filler slice-of-life by a girl about her mother, who happened to be a wedding planner. I came in when the mother was re-enacting her own wedding day, and she uttered those tragic words ... "It was the happiest day of my life".

Really? You have a ten-year old girl for a start ... none of those ten years was better? You married some guy ... did he stop being fun and interesting to you the day after the wedding? Is it really all downhill from the wedding day ... the day that can never be topped?

I think the reason it got to me was it was on the Disney Channel. I hate the idea of kids being indoctrinated into the whole 'happiest day' myth. I'm surprised most brides don't end it all the day after the wedding. Or is the whole 'happiest day' thing merely an expected phrase, a required comment to satisfy all those involved in, and who paid money for, the event?

When I was at high school I used to get people telling me that these would be the best days of my life. High school was, apparently, the pinnacle of existence. If I had actually believed that I don't think I would have survived. Like many a geek I was not a happy camper at high school. But again, I did get the feeling that most of the people who said this worrying phrase really did look back on their high school years as the best they had experienced. It wasn't hard to see why for many of them. It still sends shivers down my spine.

My wife and I had a fantastic wedding. It was a great day. But there have been so many other great days since. Personally, I hope my happiest days are still to come, and I hope that applies to all of you as well.

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