Thursday, July 1, 2010

Script: DARK BAY THREE (page 3 of 6)

The apple in the background is a Beados brand piece of art by my wee girl. You assemble little dots of colour into shapes and stick them together using water. Then you find small beads of colour everywhere for the next week and try to stop the one-year old boy eating them. A fun game for all the family.

I was pleased to find some Playmobil kitchen scales and some leafy greenery for this page. Stu is a pirate Playombil with a few alterations, but somehow that seemed to work as a hippie drug dealer. Stu even has a cinder-block bookcase just like the one I had when I was a student, and the obligatory stolen road sign to show contempt for authority.


At the house of Stu, the local soft drugs dealer. Stu is fairly harmless, if a little old. Neil wanders around noting all the illegal substances, while Stu and Sal talk about the old days.

Stu: Yeah. I remember that concert. Old Bernie was in one of the bands.
Sal: So I hear.

He was good too. Although not that day.

Stu: Rain really came in. We all just went home.
Sal: Do you remember a girl there who was into suns?

Stu: Oh, yeah, do I ever ... She was crazy hot. Whacked out on Love and Peace and stuff.

Sal: Any idea what her real name was?
Stu: Not sure. She just called herself Sunchild. She was staying with Mickey Fresno. He was the agent for the bands.

Sal: Thanks, Stu.
Stu: No problem.

Continued tomorrow ...

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