Friday, July 30, 2010

Character Development ONE (7 of 7)

The final page of the first episode. The second episode will start being posted soon (possibly tomorrow). More Dark Bay pages soon as well.

I've spent the last couple of days editing Character Development scripts. Each episode starts out as a rough idea in a text editor, which gets edited a couple of times. Then I layout the panels and speech bubbles in the wonderful Mac software Comic Life, where more editing takes place. These bare panels, with no pictures, are then read by my wife to ensure that they make sense (and hopefully I get a few chuckles out of her as she reads).

But as I've been churning these out (I'm working on episodes 21 and 22 at the moment) I decided to go back through the scripts and edit them for character consistency. By that I mean making sure the characters have little speech foibles they re-use ... so the Barbarian says 'Huh', while the Mage says 'Hmm'. The Thief constantly questions authority, while the Cleric tries to be an authority. The Ranger says very little, while the Bard just won't shut up.

In many ways it was pointless busy work, as I have been fighting off some bug (reasonably successfully), but at least it gave me some confidence that I have been writing each character with their own voice for the most part without trying. The characters in this little tale will actually develop ...

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