Friday, July 2, 2010

Script: DARK BAY THREE (page 4 of 6)

This was a page that didn't have a script written in advance. When I was editing the other pages from my initial draft this episode was reworked until there was an empty page. So I rewrote the previous page and added this one in to give Pukey/Neil something to say (he was being too quiet), and to create some tension between our two police-people.

So below is a fake script done after the fact, for the sake of completeness ...


Leaving Stu's house heading to the police car.
Neil: Um, Ma'am?
Sal: Yes, Pukey.

Neil: There's a LOT of cannabis in that house.
Sal: Is there really?

Sal: You sure it wasn't Oregano? Stu does a lot of cooking.

Neil: Um, I don't think ... well, ... maybe?

They get into the police car.

Neil: Should we check ... or something?

Sal explaining how the world works.
Sal: Stu's a good bloke. He doesn't sell to youngsters and doesn't get violent.

Sal: ... and we wouldn't want the local oregano business falling into gthe wrong hands, would we?
Neil: Um, I guess.

Continued tomorrow ...

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