Saturday, January 23, 2010

Script: W.A.S.P. episode TWO

The second six-page episode of W.A.S.P.

A script looking for a home/artist. A new episode will be blogged each week.

Love, death and fleas in space.

World Animal Space Patrol TWO
The Factory of Fatal Fembots

Felicette, the french cat talking to a videophone on which we see Albert. Albert is wearing a dark, sombre suit. See the previous episode for descriptions of the characters.
Felicette: "Looking sharp, mon cher. What's the occassion?"
Albert (on videophone): "Ham's funeral."

Felicette: "Pardon! My condolences."
Albert: "Yeah. I need you to investigate some unusual power readings that Mummi has detected from the space station."

Albert: "They originate from China, so take Mao with you."
Felicette: "Meowrrr!"

Albert: "I don't care what your personal issues are, just do it."
Felicette: "Oui!"

Title page.

Large frame with TITLES (World Animal Space Patrol) and the squad Felicette has assembled. Put name blocks of text for each one. The logo should be visible somewhere, maybe they are all walking past it.
The squad is: Felicette; Sterling, the psionic moss; Hiro, the Japanese treefrog in his sumo pants; Drossie, the swarm of intelligent fruit flies; and Mao, the Chinese mouse in his communist-era cap. Positioning and body language should show that the cat and mouse do not get along.

Smaller frame of a fast airplane, one of those lear jet kind of things, winging it's way to China.
(from Plane) Felicette: "Mummi pinpointed the power surges to a factory near Nanjing."

Felicette addressing the squad in the plane. Make her standing in the aisle with the others in seats.
Felicette: "Let's be careful. We don't need any more dead heroes."

Aerial shot of the factory, with a speech bubble coming from close by, as our squad begins their infiltration.
(Felicette, but not visible in the frame due to scale: "Hiro, knock down that door."

Hiro, the bullfrog in his sumo pants, bashing down a factory door.
Hiro: "Hai!"

Felicette opening a container that contains the swarm of fruit flies.
Felicette: "Okay, Drossie ... scout the place."
Drossie (the swarm should have several starting points for the bubble, but all going to the one bubble: "I'll be back!"

Mao the mouse pointing over to a factory office. Which is an enclosed area with a door and a window with blinds. Maybe show Drossie in the background going away into the factory.
Mao: "There's an office just over here."

Wider frame to finish the page showing the squad (minus Drossie who is scouting) going through the office for clues. Felicette is carrying Sterling, the moss.
Felicette: "Look for anything suspicious."
It's an office with a desk, comfortable chair behind the desk, and a wooden one in front. A lamp, some filing cabinets which some of the squad are going through. Make sure Sterling the moss is visible on the desk. The desk can have some papers and files on it. Also make sure the door is open.

Drossie flies back in through the door.
Drossie: "Um, Boss ... Say hello to my little friend."

A fembot coming toward the door.
Fembot: "Would you like a cocktail?"
Felicette (off) 'What is that?"
The fembot should be a sexy android, probably in a uniform, such as a french maid, nurse, schoolgirl, etc. There will be more to draw, and these can be in the other uniforms.

The fembot, close up with a focus on the fembot's hand with normal female sized nails that click out with a {Cl-chink!} to be about 4+ times longer. Don't go too long though.
Fembot: "Would you like a massage?"

Hiro slams the door shut with a body slam.
Hiro: "Whatever it is, it is not friendly."

Felicette looking out of the window with the blind, doing the pulling the blind to one side thing.
Felicette: And it's not alone!
Drossie: "They're heee-re!"


Large wide panel of the office being beset with the fembot smashing through the windows, bashing in the door that the sumo frog is holding up, and making holes in the walls through which arms and legs come through. The fembots utter various lines that are visible as speech bubbles coming through the cracks and holes.

Felicette: "Mon dieu! There are hundreds of them!"
Drossie: " "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night."

Fembot: "How about a refill?"
Fembot: "Would you like a hot towel?"
Fembot: "Care for some mixed nuts?"
Fembot: "Would you like fries with that?"
Fembot: "Let's all go have a spa."

Hiro still holding the door, but only just, bits of the door have broken away and fembot hands and feet are poking through
Hiro: "I can't hold them for much longer!"

The fembots are coming in through the window as well.
Felicette: "They're breaking through the window."
Dossie: "That's it man! Game over, man! Game over!"

Sterling, the moss sitting on the desk, speaks.
Sterling: "Drossie could fly inside the robots?"

Felicette fighting off a fembot that has broken through.
Felicette; "Of course, Drossie, get into them and switch them off."
Drossie: "Once more, unto the breach, dear friends."

Albert on the videophone, Felicette at least slightly in frame so we can tell she is talking to him. We can't see all of here, and she is lying down in a relaxed pose, as the later panels explain.
Albert (on videophone): "Good work, Felicette. So you shut down all the alien fembots?"

A fembot approaching. Again we can't see all of the cat, but we still see Albert on the videophone. The fembot on the other side of the videophone screen. We can't see all of the fembot either, so we can reveal the true nature of the scene in the last panel, but we can see it's hand doing the extended nail trick again.
Felicette: "Well ... "
Fembot: "Would you like a cocktail? Would you like a massage." {Cl-chink!}

Wide panel to finish. Felicette lying down, with a cocktail, and doing that cat back stretch thing as the fembot scratches her just right on her back above the tail. She is smiling.
Felicette: " ... I got Drossie and Sterling to reprogram one of them ... for study purposes."


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