Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coming right at ya

I have noted with interest the reactions to the Avatar movie that various Facebook friends have had. The visuals get rave reviews ... it's awesome ... spectacular ... then there's usually a pause before they talk about how cliched the storyline was, and how much the 3D glasses annoyed them.

Avatar shows that you don't need a good story to become an award winning movie (does anyone doubt it will sweep the Oscars?) and that despite the 'sea sickness' effect some noted with the 3D it's a gimmick whose time has finally arrived.

Sony plans to launch eight models of Bravia 3D TVs this year, ESPN is launching a 3D sports channel, and DirecTV, the big U.S. satellite TV provider, has three 3D channels due for release in 2010.

Along with hovercars and cities on the moon, holo or 3D TV was another of those broken promises of my childhood. We had no Moonbase Alpha in 1999. There are no Jetson-like traffic jams in the sky. But now we get to have the fun of 3D viewing of our soap operas and reality shows.

The 'sea-sickness' effect some viewers of recent 3D movies have spoken off can only enhance upcoming episodes of 3D Survivor, 3D Coronation Street and 3D Rock of Love. Finally we can experience the same queasiness the drunk women that throw themselves at Brett Michaels are feeling.

I look forward to the 3D News, with the latest shocking headline just jumping out of the screen, terrifying us in new exciting 3D ways. Home Invasions will seem three times as bad when a recreation actor swings a hammer towards us with brutal force. Teen drinking stories will benefit from 3D projectile puking. Tsunami's will appear to be sloshing through our living rooms.

Finally the future of my past has arrived. 3D TV is here. Although I don't remember Luke having to wear silly coloured glasses to play holo-chess in Star Wars. They must have edited that out. Maybe Lucas will put them back in when her remasters the new version of Stars Wars so we can all see Greedo firing first in full 3D glory.

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  1. One of the things I noticed in Avitar was the green screen was in 2-d. And as thw shole movie uses a green screen this means rather than true 3-d it was more like two planes showing one in front of the other.

    What can I say its over 3 hours and there wasn't a story to keep my brain busy so I looked for the major problems in the effects.......