Friday, January 29, 2010

Impressions from a few days in wine country

  • 'wine country' is a phrase that defines more and more of New Zealand. Soon every square inch will be devoted to grapes, olives or avocados.
  • BBQing in a thunderstorm was a crazy idea.
  • BBQing in three thunderstorms was just pure stubbornness. It was summer dammit. We were going to have a BBQ every night no matter what.
  • a horse-drawn carriage ride is a great way to go from winery to winery.
  • A ukulele is fun to travel with. Takes almost no room, and isn't too loud.
  • The Imperial March from Star Wars sounds beautifully wrong on a ukulele.
  • Any place you stay in that gives you a dozen fresh eggs everyday is a great institution.
  • I cook eggs in a large variety of ways, but the best is the soft-boiled.
  • I don't want to have eggs for breakfast for a while. Too many eggs ... yummy, yummy, free-range eggs ...
  • The sun is not my friend.

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