Friday, July 31, 2009

Three page script in search of an artist

I was inspired by Corn Stone to come up with a short script to be submitted to his facebook posts ... the idea being that maybe an artist might desire to draw it. His plan is to have a forum for artists seeking writers and vice versa. I'm all for that. So I whipped up a three page script ...

short script (3 pages) looking for an artist, by David Tulloch

Notes: text in [ ] square brackets in intended to be in-pnale text blocks. text in " " speech marks is intended to be a speech bubble.

Page ONE
[ If I could be a Superhero ... ]
Someone ... well, me ideally, ... in a thinking pose. Eyes looking up and off, hand on chin or mouth.

[ I'd be ... Skepticman ... able to expose fraudsters, pseudo-scientists, quacks, and other con-artists. ]
Large panel showing Skepticman standing heroically... who can be a generic hero type, with some S symbol on his chest. A cape, fluttering.
TITLES: Skepticman, by ...

Page TWO
[ With gadgets ... ]
Skepticman standing outside a door with the words Psychic Hotline on it, holding a detector of some sort which is beeping frantically.
Skepticman: "My bullshit detector is off the scale ... "

[ A sidekick ... ]
A Robin-like sidekick, but with an E on his (or her) outfit.
Emperical-Lad: "Holy homeopathy, Skepticman ... there's nothing but water in this vial!"

[ A cool, underground lair ... ]
Skepticman and Emperical-Lad putting a punch-card into an old-fashioned computer.
Skepticman: "Once we run these figures through the Skepti-puter, Emperical-Lad, we'll know just how accurate those nutritional claims really were."

[ ... and a butler. ]
The butler talking to Skepticman. Skeptic man is changing from his costume into his alter-ego clothes.
Butler: "Sir. There is a young lady waiting for you upstairs."
[ Just because it would be cool to have a butler. ]

[ There would be, of course, an off-again, on-again relationship with some sexy woman who, unfortunately, believes in UFOs, ESP, and GOD. ]
Alter-ego Skepticman embracing the sexy woman.
Woman: "I just had to see you today, Wayne. My stars told me it was the perfect time to rekindle romance with an old flame."

A spotlight symbol in the sky.
off panel voice" "Look, in the sky ... it's the Skeptic-symbol ..."

Large final frame of Skepticman standing on a rooftop, while a gathered crowd call out for help. The moon behind him, like all those classic superhero poses.

Crowd1: "Save us Skepticman!! ... there's another TV show host who claims to speak with the dead ..."

Crowd2: "... and a polluting factory denying it poisoned a river ..."

Crowd3 "... and a pharmaceutical company making exaggerated claims about a face cream ... "

[ There do seem to be plenty of villains for him to fight. ]


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