Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magic water?

So Ali Williams, Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are shilling bottled water. They have a brand ... "Every One" which is promoting healthy food and bottled water. The ads not only stress the healthy aspect of bottled water, but note that some of the money goes toward charity. How can it possibly be a bad thing?

Well, it's a business deal. The trio are in it to make money. As the Richie McCaw blog notes ... "It's a venture that will help stall the big-money offers the trio repeatedly receive to shift to the Northern Hemisphere. It puts their roots firmly in New Zealand and gives them a business post-rugby, said Williams."

At a time when there is a big environmental push to stop producing plastic bottled water containers in the ever-increasing numbers we consume, we have All Blacks telling us to buy more of them.

When study after study is showing that tap water is just as healthy, and about 2000 times cheaper than bottled water, we have All Blacks telling us that all our children should drink their brand of bottled water.

When there are worrying (if somewhat unconfirmed) reports that plastic bottles can leach dangerous chemicals into water, we have All Blacks telling us how healthy it is.

Ginette McDonald is doing voiceovers for another bottled water concern as well. Oh, Lynn of Tawa ... what ever happened to you?

Just turn on the tap.

Oh, and beat the Springboks and the Aussies! Go ABs!


  1. The thing that is really strange is that many people are drinking so much water now that they are not getting the vitamins they need, as they are actually pissing them away

  2. as well as pissing their money away ...