Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just a hint of drool

No time for writing today, because, ironically, I'm off to a writer's group meeting. I was worried that this group had disbanded, but it turned out to be an impromptu sabbatical. I'm the young one of the group, and the only one writing comics. I'm not sure what the others make of my stuff, but they haven't asked me to leave yet.

I woke up this morning (always a good start to a blues song) with a fully formed story plot in my head (not such a good blues line in the continuation). I woke up this morning with a fully formed story plot in my head (blues rule: always repeat the first line). So I sat at my computer, and typed 'til my fingers bled (not true, but it rhymes).

It is true about the story plot though. It will be a long one, so I'll file it under ideas for another day. Short things for now. Lots and lots of short stories.

Here's a picture a friend just sent me that serves as visual proof of my bass playing. Yes, that's a short, 30" bass, a Squire Bronco, but I have short, squat fingers. I just realized I play the bass the same way I write; with two fingers.


  1. Taken on the day your second one was born; proving that the key to success is always finding a few minutes to play every day regardless of what else is going on ;-)


  2. That explains the lack of drool ... too tired to drool ... too tired to sleep ... must play bass ...