Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another struggling bass player ...

I have many online identities. In Puzzle Pirates I was the first mate for the Extremely Happy Pirates ... a great group of virtual people. In World of Warcraft I'm Gunwallace the Holy Priest, and Klauw the Feral Druid. In Trophy Manager I'm the manager and coach of Spleenpool FC ... go Spleens! I've been a caveman, a feudal lord, a Greek dictator, a medieval peasant, and a meathead berserker.

Perhaps the strangest of my online alter-egos is Essence Tebbitt, a struggling 16 year-old, female ambient electronica artist. The game is Popmundo, and only takes a few minutes a day. You role-play a musician, and strive to gain a foothold in the charts. Obviously, by choosing the Jah Wobble meets Brian Eno style of music I'm not aiming for superstardom with Essence. I'll settle for a niche following. Maybe a couple of groupies.

Popmundo usually has a few thousand people online at any given moment, and they have a weekly online newspaper. The newspaper accepts comic strips, so I conned a friend of mine to draw some strips. We are going to submit the first one this week.

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  1. I think some of your better identities comes from real life, as Loyal Friend and Gentleman. I misses you, Gunny.