Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tasty, Tasty Brains!!

Coffee. Or should I say coff-feeeeeeeee!

I try to limit my coffee intake, but with the lack of sleep since the birth of our second child my wife and I have gone from just enjoying that morning coffee to craving it. Our eldest child has taken to mimicking a phrase she has picked up from her parents ... "Brains! Tasty, tasty brains!" ... which is our morning mantra before that first cup of coffee.

We have a nice little espresso machine that makes a damn fine cup of the bitter black nectar. My wife likes her coffee like she likes her men ... strong and black! Wait a minute, that's not right?!?! Hmmm ... well, I've been known to have weak, white, frothy vanilla lattes, so maybe I like my coffee like my wife likes her men?

Does coffee help you write? It certainly can help me get started in the morning. However, I fear that it allows me to write crap at five time normal speed, rather than write anything decent. Still, without coffee I'm sure I'd struggle to get five words down all morning on a day like today. Today being May Day. Workers of the World Unite!

I was told once to write in the mornings, and edit in the evenings. Spew it out when you are awake, hack it to bits when you are tired. Yet, lately I find myself editing in the mornings. I wonder if this has anything to do with my coffee consumption? I tend to be up and about first in the household, but that first cup has to wait for everyone else ... the machine makes a bit of noise. So I open up my computer and hack through the ramblings of the previous day.

Then I have that first cup, and my mind is spanked into writing mode ... or at least spewing mode. Mmmmm. Coffee. I'm gonna go make a cup right now.

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