Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Noodles in the Noggin'

I've been told by various people, mostly Rufus, that I've picked a bad time to switch careers to comic book writing. The "global economic downturn" ... a phrase meaning "Oh, my god, oh my god, there's going to be a class war once they work out we are taking all their money" ... means that publishers are scaling back.

But, like the old Soviets I have a five-year plan. Basically, until my youngest child gets to school age I can write without expectation or publication. After that, well, maybe I'll get a job with a name tag and a uniform ... or click on one of those web-ads that promises me I can earn $1500 a week from home?

So far the signs have been promising. Someone, namely Simon, is actually drawing my scripts. At least two people that aren't my wife are reading this blog. And there are "green shoots of recovery in the economy" ... a phrase meaning the rich feel they can still get richer, and they may drag a few stiffs up from the gutter on their way up.

In the meantime I buy "Hope Tax" ... a phrase meaning the national lottery. However, the powers-that-be seem determined not to pick my numbers. It's a conspiracy I tells ya! If I win there one thing for sure ... I won't post a blog about it. I still keep writing though. Writing isn't a path to success ... it's a means of keeping the noodles safe in the noggin'.

Art copyright Simon Morse

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