Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm an aspiring (adj: meaning hasn't got anywhere yet but hopes to soon) comic book writer. Back in the 90s I was part of the creative team of Pistake, a New Zealand mini-comic that had some local success. I was fortunate to encounter and write for some very talented artists, including Rufus Dayglo and Simon Morse.

Recently Rufus prompted me to get back into writing, so I wrote him a ten-page script that he'll probably never have the time to draw, and wouldn't sell anywhere if he did, which concerned a young boy, a bully, and a dead hedgehog.

Then Simon suggested we dust off Straitjacket Ninja, a character that had a cult following in the Pistake days, and even appeared in a couple of issues of a US comic, before sliding into obscurity.

So I've taken virtual pen to virtual paper and written a dozen or so six-page scripts of Straitjacket Ninja for Simon, and he's drawing away in monkish seclusion, at least when he's not building additions to his house.

The new-improved Straitjacket Ninja is a bit less 'zany and crazy' than the original, by which I mean it actually has a plot this time. The artwork is amazing, Simon has really outdone himself. Now comes the part where we try to sell the thing to someone for money.

In the meantime I'm writing other never-to-be-drawn-or-seen scripts, including something with vampires, one with burlesque dancers, something else with time-travel, yet another thing with a space-fish and a super-intelligent moss that only speaks in movie quotes, a story about a one-hundred year old man inside a hollow earth, and some one-off scripts with aliens and cigarettes.

Artwork is copyright Simon Morse.

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