Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BBQed Banana Cake

Okay ... this 'recipe' may not be for everyone ...

1. Take one normal banana cake recipe.
I believe my wife was using the Edmonds Cook Book, a New Zealand staple.

2. Add one malfunctioning oven.
Something had spilled over last time it was used, and thick foul smelling smoke poured out of the oven.

3. A pinch of an idea.
So I suggested baking the cakes on the BBQ. It has a hood, so it's not as crazy as it first sounds.

4. Stand by BBQ and closely monitor temperature while drinking cider and reading a book.
There were actually two cakes, and one took a wee bit longer than the other, so it was 45 minutes of cider and reading. Such hardship. The book was Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey, which I'm rather enjoying.

5. Sit back and enjoy a piece of banana cake, fresh from the BBQ.
It was yummy.

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