Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Year in Review?

I have found this month to be somewhat frustrating. This blog was started a year ago, and I felt the need to post a summary or review of the year. I couldn't do it. It just all seemed depressing.

A year ago people were drawing some of the stuff I had written. As the year progressed there was more interest, more artists, more excitement.

Then nothing.

A year in to this attempt to get back into comics and things seem to be going backwards. No-one is drawing anything. I'm still writing, but to what end?

I attended an event recently where there was a mock debate about what was more important in a comic; the art of the writing. I'm in no doubt as to the answer.

A comic drawn without concern for the writing is still a comic. No matter how bad the plot, story, characters etc., it's still a comic.

A script is not a comic unless it is drawn.

This had made me conclude that I am not currently a comic book writer, as nothing is being drawn.

So what to do? I could learn to draw? It seems a little late in life to start now, but I'm desperate enough to consider it. I'll start out small. If I ever produce something worth viewing I'll post it.

The last time I tried to draw a comic it was in 'competition' with a class of 12-year olds (I'd gone to talk about comics). Mine was voted worse in class. It was a fair cop.

I could write prose? The writing that doesn't require artwork. Except I do not enjoy that as much. I still have a bunch of prose stories I want to convert to comic scripts, as I think they will be improved by the transition.

I could give up? Nah. Too stubborn for that.

I could soldier on? Atten-shun!

Starting next month, some more comic scripts will be posted ...

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