Friday, August 7, 2009

Geek reference alert

For whatever reason, the Popmundo cartoons Guy has drawn for me have not been accepted by the game's magazine. We are still hopeful they will consider them in the near future. Not sure what reason they have for not using our strip. It looks far better than most of the ones they do take. It uses specific in-game situations (such as theft and police security tagging as in this one) and meets their size requirements. I'd post the one's they do accept just to show you the contrast ... but that would only be embarrassing for all. Being rejected is one thing ... being rejected when they seem to have accepted any old thing in the past (they have actually posted a broken link in a recent issue!) just makes me feel ... actually I don't know how that makes me feel ... confused I guess.

Anyway ... since I'd like someone to see the strips I'll post a few more here over the next week or so. This one requires obscure geek knowledge to make the most of the punchline ...

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